Home Appliance. Insurrection

CCTV cameras are on watch in Home Appliance. Insurrection room. You have to find a way to move to the last door and collect all the stars. This game becomes an exciting journey for players online at https://abcya-3.com/. Something went wrong during the update, and artificial intelligence started developing the machines. Stop the evil robots by restarting all the computers in the house. However, you need to avoid their pursuit and smoke the room. Difficult levels cannot stop you.

The game has extremely interesting content. Hide from the robot and spend your free time exploring the house. Complete all the levels and stop the machine uprising. Can you pass 27 puzzle levels? Don't move into the robot's line of sight. You can be arrested at any time. Use your gaming tips to complete skills in the fastest way. Multiplayer has unlocked all levels in our online gaming world. When the red areas move to create a gap, go to that position to exit the room. The stars are in different positions. Choose the best way to play and complete our online game.

ABCya3 online games expand the online games of players from all over the world. Get ready to choose how to play the game and complete the many challenges you have. Situations with hanging on by a hair will scare you. Overcome them and showcase the power and intelligence of the tech master in the home. Control the hardest of the machines.

You will complete each game in no time. We also update many similar games with this game like I Am Flying to the Moon and Super Slope Game. Select the game you want to pass now.

Who created Home Appliance. Insurrection?

Home Appliance. Insurrection is created by d954mas. This is their first game on ABCy-3.com!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use arrow keys to move.