Shot Color Bubbles

Shot Color Bubbles is one of the favorite bubble shooter games for all players online at Observe the color of the bubbles and the shooter for the most accurate shot. You have to shoot the falling bubbles. At the same time, your ball periodically changes color depending on the fill of the scale in the bottom right corner. Balloons falling from above also have many different colors. The bubble itself is transparent, but it leaves a splash of color. To knock down a falling object, your ball must be the same color as the balloon you want to drop. Color time will shorten gradually. Therefore, you have to accurately shoot the bubble before the color moves.

This is a game that requires the flexible reactions of online players. Make hundreds of the most accurate shots you have. Many players have won this game and conquered different missions. Spend your spare time topping the leaderboards of the best players. Observe their shade to make the best decision on this journey. You will fall in love with the amazing gaming world in the new games we present to online players. Miss three times and game over. Focus on them and improve your results with today's turns. Play over and over again to conquer the highest score you have. What are your choices in this new special journey? ABCya 3 facilitates players to join many new games without being bothered by ads or game loading speed.

Overcome each challenge that the game mentions and unlock different missions. Many games are similar to this game that you can't miss like Hero Telekinesis and Aircraft Combat 2.

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Left click to shoot bubbles to different locations.