Zombie Catcher Online

Play and have fun in this new action game and adventure based on the Zombie Catcher Online game from ABCya 3 grande games online. Participate in the small alien's mission to catch all zombies. The zombies have all escaped from the lab, and you have been recruited to capture all of them and return them to the cage. Travel over several planets to hunt zombies with your weapon, jetpack, and brains and trap them. You must be quick or zombies will flee and escape your rifle range. Collect money to improve your speed, jetpack, and weapon power as you hunt down special zombies and other varieties.

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Invite your friends to join your game to be able to become the bravest heroes of all time fighting with hundreds of zombie. Why don't you challenge yourself and a few other similar zombie game genres like MineWar Soldiers vs Zombies.


-Amazing graphics -Zombies evade IA -Many worlds and levels -Jetpack -Upgrades -Hd graphics.

Who created Zombie Catcher Online?

Zombie Catcher Online is created by kiz10.com. Play their other game on ABCy-3.com: Super Marius World

Instruction to play:

Use the keyboard arrows to go forward, back, and hurl the brains, and the spacebar to shoot. Use the game buttons on mobile devices and tablets.