MineStrike.fun is a fun Minecraft style game play online at abcya-3.com. Eat cakes, biscuits, cooked fish and everything you see to help grow your size, most importantly avoid eating poisoned potatoes, as it reduces your experience and makes you smaller ! Attack smaller sized guys, so you have a better chance of survival. You can protect yourself by running away from big enemies so they don't kill you with their powerful weapons! Or you can give your experience to enemies. The game has only 15 levels: 1. Steve with a wooden sword 2. A bee with a sunflower 3. Pumpkin with a stick 4. The fish with a fishing rod 5. Ocelot with a stick stone sword 6. A pig with a stone pickaxe 7 Zombie with an iron shovel 8. A skeleton of bones 9. A creeper with an iron pickaxe 10. A drowning man with a trident 11. Enderman with a diamond sword 12. Zombie Pigman with golden sword 13. Blaze with fire stick 14. Witch with a diamond sword Enchanted 15. Herobrine with nano size You can level 15 and become the biggest and strongest in the game do you want to play? Hints for effective attack tactics: approach enemies on the left side so that they are on the right and from your sword, then - immediately attack first! MineStrike will give you joy and dispel boredom!

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Instruction to play:

Move - mouse Attack - left mouse button Speed Up - right mouse button