Bridge of Doom

Just click to move your hero across locations in the game Bridge of Doom. If the traps are showing, wait for them to hide. You can then move and perfect the game at The dwarven hero travels into the depths of oblivion armed with a powerful runic hammer and an ancient shield. Destroy goblins and other opponents to survive until the end of the journey. Deadly traps appear everywhere. The platforms behind you are constantly collapsing, so you have to move quickly. This endless game operates simply with clickers. Each click will move the hero forward in one space. To kill goblins you have to click fast. Try to calculate the travel time to get through the pitfalls.

This online game platform attracts many players. Complete online game hints. Players can start each journey and join multiple times. If you collide with obstacles, you can start over and make the best choice. Save the wins with the highest score and conquer the next rounds. The distance is getting harder and harder. Calculate how to move and create a breakthrough in this journey. Live or die? The choice is completely dependent on how you enter the game. We share with players new game space every day. Get ready to win every pick now.

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Who developer game?

Bridge of Doom was developed by Inlogic Software. Play their other game on 

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the left mouse to move or tap directly on the screen.