Rainbow Stacker

Rainbow Stacker is a free online game available on ABCya3 Game. Play Rainbow Stacker, a peaceful and entertaining click game. Continue stacking colourful blocks by touching at the appropriate time, so be diligent and accurate. How far can you fly? Find out and have a good time!

ABCya grade 3 leads players into a colorful world called Rainbow Stacker. In this zen environment, you can stack blocks up high. Complete your tower with colors like the rainbow. Enjoy the dramatic rainbow colors of each block. Score high in this simple game. The player has a very good way of playing. Unlock the game with the highest tower you have ever participated in through the turns. We help players discover tons of new journeys without being bothered by ads. Friends are also ready with a list of online games and options to join in their spare time. Which is your favorite game on your game list? The array of colors will gradually narrow. Therefore, you need to determine the exact location to move them.

Complete the tower and expand the online game world at https://abcya-3.com/. We help players unlock various quests. You will love the world of online games on our list. Rainbows of different colors are created in this online game. Find a way to play and show off your skills to complete missions with excellence. The game has very simple gameplay. With new games, you need to participate in the first rounds. Then complete every task with the best result. If you slide out, the game will be over. The online game versions have extremely rich content. Choose how to play to win all obstacles.

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Who created Rainbow Stacker?

Rainbow Stacker is created by MarketJS. Play their other game on ABCy-3.com: 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to lower the colored patches to the position of the tower