Spooky Tripeaks

Spooky Tripeaks is a card puzzle game play it on ABCya 3 Free Games. It is an adaptation of Solitaire for Halloween. You must complete all 100 levels. Utilize jokers and other bonus cards to facilitate the procedure. The extra cards may be obtained by clicking on the ghosts and other creepy figures. We also have a lot of similar games for you to explore like Numblocks Solitaire. Choose one of them and relax if you have time.

This game is suitable for all ages, even kids can play in their free time. Play with your friends or family members to solve the puzzle together and have fun. If you want to add more puzzle games to your favorite game list, you can try these following options: Jewel Halloween.

Key Features:

You have to take a card from your stack one at a time. Choose the cards that are worth more or less than the card you drew to take it out of the game. To finish a level, you have to get rid of all the cards on the playing field without running out of cards in your stockpile.

Who developer game?

Spooky Tripeaks was developed by bestphysics. Play their other game on ABCy-3.com: Lawn Mower Puzzle

Instruction to play:

Use mouse on desktop or touch on your mobile device.