Mine Shooter Monsters Royale

Welcome to Mine Shooter Monsters Royale's universe. You're a lone, blocky survivor in search of some harsh action. Your mission is straightforward. Simply shoot to kill. You're being pursued by zombies and Huggy Wuggy. Will you make it? Play it for free at Abcya grande 3 online and enjoy many other online games.

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Features: The game has a scoring system. The more opponents you shoot, the more cash you get. You may use them to buy or unlock more weapons.

Who created Mine Shooter Monsters Royale?

Mine Shooter Monsters Royale is created by kiz10.com. Play their other game on ABCy-3.com: Kick the Huggie Wuggie

Instruction to play:

Mouse 1 : fire weapon

Mouse 2 : raise sights or block

W,A,S,D : to move Left

Shift : sprint Left left

CTRL : crouch

X : prone

Space : jump

F : use item

R : reload

H : holster weapon

G : throw grenade

Esc or Tab: Pause