Droid O

Droid O

Date added: 02/03/2022

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Play it for free at ABCya3 Com and enjoy many other online games. In Droid-O, you must fight as a spacecraft commander to combat the invading aliens. Aliens are swarming to take control of the Earth and its natural riches. You are Earth's final line of defense against these invading aliens. In this space shooting game, you will confront an increasing number of aliens. Drag your spacecraft left and right to defeat the enemy and save yourself from the invaders.

The aliens become more powerful as you progress through the game. As a result, in order to combat them, you will need to improve your spaceship with more capabilities. As a result, you acquire various abilities like cannons, shields, and rockets to destroy aliens faster and win more points. Be cautious since you only have three lives to combat the invaders. So, are you prepared to annihilate all extraterrestrial invaders and save the Earth? Be the best spaceship commander ever and defend the Earth from invaders.

Basically, this is a fun game suits all ages. You can play anytime you want for free on our site. Furthermore, don’t forget to discover other amazing games such as Squid Craft Online.

Who created Droid O?

Droid O is created by Freak X Apps. This is their first game on ABCy-3.com!

Game controls:

Drag to Move.

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