MineWorld Horror The Mansion

MineWorld Horror The Mansion action games on ABCya 3, the leading web game. Game in the style of MineCraft, enter the world of survival against zombie monsters. HTML5 platform game compatible with smart mobile and desktop.

If you prefer Minecraft-style games coupled with surviving, this new game by abcya3 is for you!! Survive in this futuristic world full of living dead that aim to eat everything that moves by firing, but be careful with your ammunition!!! Enjoy this exclusive and utterly entertaining new addicting game from abcya-3.com, and join a world of zombie survival to see how far you can go. First and third person modes are available in this Minecraft-style game. There are six different sorts of weaponry, two of which are melee and four of which are ranged. There are over ten different sorts of zombies. Horror shooter combined with an escape game. Fantastic 3D graphics.

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Instruction to play:

Mouse 1 : fire weapon Mouse 2 : raise sights C : toggle camera mode W, S, A, D : move player Left Shift : sprint Left Ctrl : crouch X : prone Space : jump F : use item R : reload H : holster weapon G : throw grenade T : enter bullet time Esc or Tab: Pause