Age Wars Idle

Collect your weapons and eliminate enemies in the online game Age Wars Idle. We present to our players a new list of games at Level up your age and upgrade your weapons from the stone age to the space age. Be careful about aliens, giants, and cannibals. They can destroy you on any journey. Collect weapons and travel to new locations in this favorite game. Enemies can spawn in new locations along the way. Stay away from them to save your weapons. This fight is very simple. Multiplayer wants to share how to play and complete combat skills with separate paths. Your friends are looking for a list of favorite games to join and relax after every stressful working hour.

Every journey is amazing. Discover movement skills, collect multiple weapons, and fight like real heroes. Different eras appear in this game. The opponent also depends on each period. What are the rewards that you have on this journey? Collect them to join the battle and become good players with our list of online games. Multiplayer saved our new game world. ABCya3 online game world for players of all ages. You have the opportunity to complete every new challenge. Share your online game skills and complete special game spaces.

Have you tried new ways of playing? Use move tips and win all opponents through the ages. Players can easily choose how to play online and complete countless new challenges. What is the online game world that you have chosen? Unlock many difficult levels with countless games similar to this game like Squiden Shoot Game.

Who developer game?

Age Wars Idle was developed by Bermuda Games. Play their other game on 

Instruction to play:

Controls game: Use the left mouse button or tap directly on the screen to move through many locations new mind.