Metaverse Dash Run

Metaverse Dash Run thrills you with new runs. A giant purple gorilla is on your tail. Jump over obstacles, grab these weird random meta coins, and collect power-ups. This cool ABCya3 game theme has a new graphic design. Collect coins to upgrade characters in the shop with different powers. Many players love the moment of winning our game list. Learn running and moving skills to complete the game with a high score. Are you ready to unlock new ways to play today? Share online games and tips with new friends. You can conquer the turns with high scores at any time.

Try to perfect the online game and become a good player today. If you collide with obstacles, your running speed will decrease. Jump through every challenge and win the game with the highest score you have. Many players have joined our game list and relax with new choices. This running game appeals to all gaming audiences. Find a way to cross all the roads and get rid of the monster. Will you win this turn? Win all the missions with great difficulty. Earn money to collect new characters.

When did you become a good player at Join this game many times in your spare time. Let's start discoveries based on the challenge you have. Many players love our game world. Each running game has a different way of exploring. Find tips for moving and crossing the locations you want today. What is your choice to complete this unique game? Win tips and unlock countless games similar to Color Gravity. Would you like to explore these turns?

Who developer game?

Metaverse Dash Run was developed by MarketJS. Play their other game on 

Instruction to play:

Left click to jump over all obstacles.