Bike Race Simulator

Bike Race Simulator is the newest exciting RC motorbike racing simulation abcya 3 free game for all ages. Race you bike fast and do wicked stunts off huge jumps like a motorbike rider in this motocross sim game. Like to race fast motorbike racing games and have total freedom to ride all day and do whatever you want? Bike Race Simulator is the game for you!

Take to the track and test your racing skills in the fantastic Bike Race Simulator. Before mounting your bike and racing off the start line you can first customize your vehicle - you can use your credits to change the bikes body color. Furthermore you can purchase new and improved bikes that have increased engine power and acceleration. You can then choose which track you wish to race on – choose from three different tracks, each with a different mountain layout.

You are now ready to race! The track and environment are rendered in beautiful 3D and the sounds and driving are realistic. When the race starts, feel the power of your bike as it accelerates and hear the noise of its engine. Take the corners carefully and make sure you stick to the racing line. Can you beat your opponents and finish first in this thrilling series of bike races? You can also play the car version.

Bike Race Simulator is the latest arcade bike driving game abcya, available to download now, for free! Race your remote control dirt bike over tables, jump off giant extreme ramps, and interact with everything around the house! Have you got the skills to be a extreme rc motocross bike rider? Bike Race Simulator is the abcya3 online game for you, available now for free now!

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Instruction to play:

  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • Shift to use nitro