Santa Parkour

Help Santa jump on rooftops and deliver presents in the Santa Parkour game. This job is not easy. ABCya3 suggests how to play for players and chooses a new journey for you to join. Tap to jump high. Feel the rush of flying through the air, then make sick rolls as you land. Unlock different types of moves by collecting skill cards. Don't let the obstacles drop your gold coins. Learn to take on new ways of playing to help with your journey of discovery. If you don't jump at the right time, you will fall off the roof. Offer new ways to play in our selection of great games today.

Many players have saved a list of Christmas games to help players enjoy in their spare time. Complete the online game world with countless options now. Help Santa deliver presents to the children. The content of this game is extremely interesting. Fulfill your kids' dreams by helping Santa. Share your online tips to overcome the toughest challenges. Any player is ready with the online options we present across the game themes.

Many players have completed parkour game selections at After collecting the gold coins, you can use them to buy gifts. If you collide with the obstacles, you will drop the gold coins. Therefore, be careful during the journey to move and jump over the roofs at different distances. Follow the game guide and online plays you can't miss today. Any player wants to enjoy their free time with new plays. Become a good player with countless ways to play and join the new version of parkour games like Zombie Mission 12.

Who developer game?

Santa Parkour was developed by MarketJS. Play their other game on Parkour Rooftop

Instruction to play:

Left click to jump over the roofs.