Unlock the amazing game space you have through the Bloxscape world. It's hard to find the exit to the puzzle. You need to try to move through the different locations that the ABCya3 world has suggested with different gameplay tips. Share your tips with countless other online players. The game offers players many levels with challenges of colorful blocks. They are gathered in a small confined space and a white star is depicted on one of the blocks.

It is this block that you must remove from the playing field. The exit is marked in orange and has the freed block size. The game does not limit the number of moves to complete the mission. Try to clear the way for the star block until you achieve the desired result. There are a total of 25 levels in the game, and they will always become more difficult, while the playing field does not increase in size. Share the game with your friends to complete every level. This choice is not easy.

What kind of play are you willing to join? Save the latest game versions across games with the same theme at We facilitate online players on a colorful journey. The tight space makes it impossible to move the blocks as you like. However, take advantage of the space to move the star to the yellow position and exit the room. What is the hardest level for you? Join and choose from a new list of online games with many similar games such as Rope Master. We help players perfect a variety of favorite games.

Who developer game?

Bloxcape was developed by New Kids Games. Play their other game on Huggie Wuggie Jigsaw

Instruction to play:

Controls game: Use the left mouse to move the blocks or tap directly on the screen.