Franky Valet Parking

Franky Valet Parking is an HTML5 parking game that you can play here on abcya games. Valet Parking can be a very difficult job! Franky is a hotel driver. Your job is to stop in each marked space without getting into any accidents. If you hit another car or crash into an obstacle, your ranking will decrease. 


Everyday, he parks cars for clients of the hotel in which he is employed. He likes his job, but on some days, it is harder than on others. There is barely some space to park yet another car, but clients wish is always clear: Do not crash my car, and park it safely. And what client says, it must be done. Therefore at abcya 2018 games, help Franky to find some nice parking spots, and park there all those amazing cars. 


Be careful though, as hitting anything deducts a star from your total score! Navigate through all of the difficult areas and park all of the cars all while avoiding other vehicles, curbs and waiting for the crossing gates! Can you park all of the cars with a five-star rating and keep the customers happy or will they get their cars back with a nice, new scratch?


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Instruction to play:


Use the arrow keys to control your car.