Snow Storm

Snow Storm is a 3D snowmobile race. Race through a slippery snowy terrain. Collect coins and speed boosters. Avoid those annoying stop signs that will destroy your vehicle's engine making you lose the race. Play solo or with friends in multiplayer mode.

Snow Storm is a fun icy themed game abcya in which you must drive your snowmobile through a series of tracks in a dangerous and thrilling snow race! It has been snowing heavily and the ground has a lovely covering of white powder. You and your friends love snowmobiles and decide to head on out into the snow and compete in a race!

Use the WASD keys to drive your snow mobile and use the space bar to hit the brakes. You must race round the tracks and try to take the tight corners without crashing! Look for the speed boosts as your race to help you go faster than your friends. As you progress and win races, you can unlock loads of new and exciting tracks to race on! Jump into your snowmobile today and start racing!

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Have a good time!

Instruction to play:

Arrows or WASD to drive, Space for brake, C for the camera, R to reset, P to pause, M to mute.