Bird In Danger

Our bird is stuck. Help him complete the Bird In Danger journey. Don't fall out if you don't want to lose. Abcya3 online games updates this new game in your favorite game theme of your choice. Observe the wooden blocks and find ways to destroy them. Will the bird return to the nest safely? This depends on your help. Don't lose 3 lives if you want to complete all the challenges through the levels.

Take the relaxing time you have to join the simple, easy, and addictive puzzle game that is great for developing logical thinking and motor coordination. A great way to relax, pass the time and exercise your mind. When you observe the wooden blocks, click on them to make them disappear, and the bird will fall into the nest in the right place. Pay attention because if the bird is in the nest and there are still objects on the screen, the bird has not passed the screen. After clicking the wooden blocks that you can't move the bird to fall in the right position, you will have to join this game again.

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Top the online player rankings and complete new missions. You also have many challenges in other games such as Sausage Dog. Help the bird return to the nest and win the levels today.

Who created Bird In Danger?

Bird In Danger is created by Two Player Games Studio. This is their first game on!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse button or tap on wooden blocks to destroy them