Parkour Climb and Jump

Play Parkour Climb and Jump for free at ABCya 3. Hello and welcome to the parkour simulator. You have a wide range of powers at your disposal. Climb any and all structures and towers. Jump from one structure to the next. Roll under or leap over an obstacle. Perform somersaults and more somersaults. To quickly reach a remote section of the city, use your zipline as a bungee. The whole city has been designed to accommodate your antics. You can also perform a dance.

This game is quite free and it suits all ages. Enjoy your adventure in this game and don’t forget to embark on other adventure in Droid O.

Who created Parkour Climb and Jump?

Parkour Climb and Jump is created by GoGoMan. Play their other game on Among Shooter Kill Impostor

Instruction to play:

Spacebar - Climb the wall / Jump / Roll E + be on the platform - Use the bungee С - Slide F - Dance Mouse - Look around WASD - Movement Shift - Run