Police Chase Motorbike Driver

Play it for free at ABCya-3.com and enjoy many other online games. Police Chase Motorbike Driver is a game for those who are on the lookout for criminals and are willing to confront them. Follow your instincts and apprehend the criminals that are causing havoc in your city. Each mission has its own set of constraints. Complete objectives and gather money placed all over the city to unlock motorcycles. Keep the criminals out; you're the city's superhero. Confront them and, if necessary, kill them. Don't let them escape!!! However, with each impact, your bike's health will deteriorate. 

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• Get on your bike and chase down and eliminate the danger.

• Accompany President on his visit to your city.

• Drive and complete quests to unlock new motorcycles.

Who created Police Chase Motorbike Driver?

Police Chase Motorbike Driver is created by Drivinggames. Play their other game on ABCy-3.com:

Instruction to play:


- Move Left: Press A

- Move Right: Press D

- Move Reverse: Press S

- Move Forward: Press W

- ( Breaks ) Press SPACE - ( Get in Car ) Press F - ( For Shooting ) Use Mouse Left Click - ( For Aim ) Use Mouse Right Click.