Sure Shot

Sure Shot is the online multiplayer which is playable abcya 3 games. You are a soldier dropped into the madness of warfare. You can choose to play with your friends in team deathmatch or play on your own in a free for all type mode. Objective of both is to defeat as many enemies as possible to finish with the highest score. 

Lace up your boots and get ready soldier as you will be pitted against another special ops team where you will play different game modes to find the ultimate squadron across the globe. Here at game online abcya 3, here are plenty of big maps to play on. Good luck!

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Instruction to play:


Use the WASD or arrow keys to move

LMB to fire

ESC to menu

{1-4} to weapons

C to crouch

R to reload a weapon

Shift to run

F to interaction

E to pick-up

SPACE to jump

ENTER to chat

H,J to spawn medicine, ammo