Huggy Rescue Parkour

Huggy Rescue Parkour

Date added: 18/11/2022

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Join Huggy Rescue Parkour as one of the rescue games that you can hardly miss through the special journey. Try to complete the missions and help Kissy Missy get rid of all the traps in the game at Some villains caught her. Your mission is simple, find the key and free her.

There are many obstacles and pitfalls you need to overcome before you can release your love. You can pick up coins along the way. Find a way to move and complete the game of your choice with different colors. Learn basic gaming skills and tips from other players and win our game now.

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Who developer game?

Huggy Rescue Parkour was developed by Play their other game on Cookies Must Die Online

Game controls:

W A S D to move around, Mouse to look around, Space to jump, Double Space to double jump, Escape or Tab to pause, Move the mouse to zoom in/out the camera.

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