Heroes Towers

Heroes Towers

Date added: 30/06/2022

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Have fun with this entertaining game of battle, towerdefense, arena, strategy and much more Heroes Towers is a new exclusive game from ABCya 3 Games. Construct a fortified tower, equip it with the most powerful crossbows and cannons, and repel the attacking forces! All conflicts are fought against other players. Protect your tower from attacks, or collaborate with an ally to attack other people's towers. Increase your rating and gain new rankings. Earn fantastic goodies by completing achievements.

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Key Features:

- easy to start - pvp-mode with 3 players on the battlefield - cute 2d graphics.

Who developer game?

Heroes Towers was developed by PERSONA•GAMES. This is their first game on ABCy-3.com!

Game controls:

Click on the selected platform and choose the desired element to create or enhance a tower element. You'll need coins to develop and enhance, which you may obtain by killing other players. To put your tower to the test, hit the DEFEND button. Two opponents will be chosen, and their forces will assault your tower. To assault other players' towers, you'll need heroes, which may be recruited and improved for cash.

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