Galaxy And Stone

The stone constantly changes direction in the game Galaxy And Stone. Can you help with it? Score the highest score at ABCya3 online. Many players have joined this game. It is similar to the famous pong or breakout game. You have to keep the stone on the screen for as long as possible. The slider is movable, so you don't miss the stone.

The 3 sides of the screen are closed and your platform is on the left side. Observe the stone with different moving directions to complete the latest gameplay you have updated in this online game. The stone starts to move and after hitting the wall go in one direction, and you should stop it from exiting the screen and hit it back against the wall. With different gameplay, players will score points and complete the most difficult challenges. The stone will increase or decrease the speed at any time. Therefore, your reflexes are extremely important. You will get points based on how long you can keep the ball on the screen. Try to perfect each turn and conquer different scores. They will increase throughout the game. Which player wins this online game with the highest score? After hitting 3 walls, the stone will return to the left position. You must determine its direction of travel and landing.

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Instruction to play:

Controls: Left click to move the board or tap directly on the screen