2 Chaos Giant

Have fun with this exclusive io game 2 Chaos Giant an entertaining game in ABCya grande 3 games. The sequel to the internationally successful Superheroes game, with a new UI design, new gameplay, and a map four times the size!!! 2: Chaos Giant is an action-packed online superhero game. This time, you may cause battlefield turmoil by occupying an enemy's weapon. Let's utilize your favorite heroes to gain experience points and level up, or you may become a titan or invincible by acquiring skill items. Daily bouns and missions will make it easier to gather heroes.

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1. The game is accessible in sixteen different languages.

2. 30 renowned superheroes and all heroes may be utilized in the game, which begins with a movie and progresses via tasks and luck spins.

3. Increasing the size of the character by leveling up.

4. If a hero dies, his weapon is dropped, and another hero can pick it up by colliding with it. (In the same way as Captain America wields Mjolnir.)

5. With the new passive talent "Attack Area," the hero may perform a large swing by leveling it up.

6. A new map element item, such as "Speed Up," "Invincible," or "Grow Up."

7. A new seven-day reward system, a new luck spin, and a new task system have been implemented.

8. More new features are on the way!

Who created 2 Chaos Giant? 2 Chaos Giant is created by LoraStudio. This is their first game on!

Instruction to play:

PC: Move mouse to move, click left to attack;

Mobile: Touch the Virtual Keys