Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is popular electronic game series that you can play here on abcya free gear. Utilizing a controller modeled after a guitar, Guitar Hero allows users to play an expansive collection of popular rock-and-roll songs by pressing buttons on their controller to match commands displayed on the screen. Scores are determined by a player’s accuracy and by the level of difficulty. Upon its release, Guitar Hero helped to popularize the new genre of rhythm games.


I think it might be the best game in the series, ESPECIALLY for the bass player. No other Guitar Hero game makes me EXCITED to play the bass. And not just 1 or 2 songs, almost every bass tab is good. If you expect to play with another person a lot, get Van Halen. 


With a lot of band-themed games, the included songs from different bands aren't as quality, but this isn't the case with Van Halen. Songs like Stacy's Mom and First date are too fun to play. Maybe I should've put this game at abcya music online, it's practically perfect.


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Instruction to play:


Conquer this speed game with your mouse on the computer.