Bob The Robber 5: The Temple Adventure

Bob The Robber 5: The Temple Adventure is the addictive arcade game that you can play here on abcya games 2 player. Bob The Robber is back! This time he decided to pay a visit to the ancient temple, somewhere deep in the Amazonian rainforest. Explore the dark corridors, searching for loot and treasures and avoiding monsters and natives! 


This is the fifth edition of the bob the robber series and this heist may be the hardest one that he has found himself on yet. A new part of the popular online game Bob The Robber 5. In this Robber Bob, you goes to the temple to steal the treasure. Your main task in this game at abcyagame is not to be caught Bob the Robber by guards. Good luck!


The perfect puzzle game for players of all ages. Try to get each and every coin in every level to earn up to 3 stars and prove the world you are the best sneaky little robber out there. Knock your enemies out, hide from cameras, run from giant rolling balls like Indiana Jones and use all kinds of gadgets to get pass all your obstacles. 


Do not forget to invite friends to play and share with them. And if you love this game, let's play some other similar games such as Bob The Robber in You are ready for new challenges.

Instruction to play:


Left and right arrow to move

Up arrow to interact