Aim Object

Join the arcade game that Abcya3 updates for players. Aim Object is how you move the ball to collide with all the white shapes. Win our hardest levels if you have not found a way to move. See tips from other players. Play this perfect game and show off your gaming skills. Complete the game with different levels. Adjust the direction of the ball until you destroy all the shapes. Unlock all levels and become the best player. We make it easy for players all over the world to join the latest games without being bothered by ads.

Game loading speed is also extremely fast. Adjust the movement of the ball until you win this exciting game. Can you complete all the challenges? The ball has to move and touch all the white shapes in this online game world. Score points and complete every challenge if you love our game world. If you can't judge the direction of the ball, try them on the next round. Through many times observing the direction of the ball, players easily pass this game without losing. Learn how to unlock levels and conquer new games. Share with friends to ask for their help at Destroy the white shapes with the power you have.

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Who created Aim Object?

Aim Object is created by Rokito Games. Play their other game on Ball Hop

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to adjust the movement of the ball.