Handstand Run

Handstand Run forces the player to control the tilt of the body and keep balance against obstacles on the way. You cannot fall during the move. This game attracts many players at abcya-3.com. Go on your own two hands. Can you be the first to finish in the races? Use your skills to balance and master this game. Is this game on your favorite game list? The player learns to control the tilt of the leg. If you collide with the obstacles above, the game will be over. Change the angle of movement flexibly to complete and pass all the distances of this online game. Share game tips with your friends. They are also looking for new ways to play to complete in their spare time. Adjust your posture and complete every difficult task.

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Who created Handstand Run?

Handstand Run is created by Nevar Games. Play their other game on ABCy-3.com:

Instruction to play:


Instructions: Drag horizontally to change the inclination of the body.