Stack The Burger

Stack The Burger is one of those delicious cooking games that players cannot miss. Keep in mind the ingredients of the burger to complete this game at ABCya3. Stack the burger ingredients in the right order to earn coins. Watch as tomatoes, cheese, onions, and bacon fall from the sky. If you collect the wrong materials, the game will be over. Therefore, players need to learn how to join the game and create the best cake.

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This journey is open to everyone involved. Whether you are male or female, you can become a burger shop owner. Share how to play with online players at What ingredients appear in the burger? Memorize their type and number to complete this game of ours. The burgers have different ingredients. Remember the number of ingredients for each burger, you have a chance to earn money in this cooking game. Become a world-famous restaurant owner.

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Who created Stack The Burger?

Stack The Burger is created by MarketJS. This is their first game on!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use a mouse to move the burger