Rapunzel Blooming Romance

Flynn finally asked Rapunzel out for a date on https://abcya-3.com/. Something Rapunzel has been waiting for a long time. Feeling nervous, Rapunzel thinks she can't do this herself and needs your help by giving her a makeover.

Flynn loves her long hair so let's create a braided hair and simple makeup to show her inner beauty. And pick her outfit! Make Rapunzel looks stunning.

A romantic story always raises our interest, so let's join Rapunzel on her love journey. Flynn has finally asked our princess out on a date and she needs your help to choose the perfect make-up and outfit. Because this is a romance that is just blooming, she really is inspired by flowers.

So choose a delicate eye shadow, a glittery mascara, blush and lipstick. For her outfit you can choose a cream dress with braids and pink roses all over it, a green dress with pretty spring flowers or a yellow dress with purple ruffles and red flower prints. Or you could mix and match a crop top with statement sleeves and tulip skirts. Accessorize with flowers in her hair and a lovely necklace. Don't forget to style her hair! Flynn will be impressed!

Have a lot of fun!


Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play.