Flip Jump Race 3D

Flip Jump Race 3D is a skillful jumping arcade game made of a circular platform and a 3D stickman. ABCya3 grade updates this game for players to relax after every working hour. Are you confident in your balancing skills while jumping from one platform to another? The goal is to jump over all the circular platforms and get to the last square platform. Make the right decision with each choice you complete through this special journey. We help players enjoy meaningful moments every day. Save your favorite game list with the new games you want today. Which game world would you choose to recommend to your online friends? Which journey attracts you to join?

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Who developer game?

Flip Jump Race 3D was developed by bestgames.com. Play their other game on ABCy-3.com: Clone Ball Maze 3D

Instruction to play:

Controls: Hold to jump forward, drag to change direction.