Play game in your web browser for free at ABCya3 Grade and more fun games. Work or eat in the garbage. Buy a house or sleep on the street. Have fun, but don't forget to replace yourself in the nursery since time passes and you get old!

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How to Play to Get Money:

• Work on computers, in a laboratory, or in the CEO's office.

• Remove any debris and excrement from the floor.

• Find money on the ground

• Invest in real estate to earn commissions.The more other people utilize a building, the more money you will make.

• Murder wealthy individuals

To Upgrade Your Character:

• Computer skill: If you choose to work with computers, you will earn more money.

• Broom skill: If you clear the ground, you will clean it faster and earn more money.

• Ability to bargain: Pay less and earn more commissions.

• Strength: Increase your strength.

• Speed: Be quicker.

• Bag: Increase your inventory.

• Research skill: Working in a laboratory will earn you more money and give you a better chance of finding food in garbage cans.

Who developer game? was developed by LapaMauve. Play their other game on

Instruction to play:

Movement: W, A, S, D / Z, Q, S, D or Arrow keys Hit: Left click Interact: E Throw an item away: Right click Map: M.