Mountain Hop

Mountain Hop game for kids of all ages. ABCya3 online game expands the player's online world with many new ways to play. You are ready to join Mountain Hop and win with the best result. Jump your way down the mountain. Avoid obstacles like poison potions that crack TNT explosives and more. Collect stars along the way and use them to unlock new characters. Take advantage of waterfalls to move faster.

Make your way down the mountain by hopping. Avoid hazards such as poison potions, cracks, TNT, and other explosives. Obtain stars along the way to access new characters. How good is your score? Features Unlock adorable characters Rabbits Sheep, bears, tigers, and elephants are all examples of wild animals. Avoid enemies like the Grim Reaper, lions, zombies, and wolves. Use waterfalls to help you travel quicker. Theme is really enjoyable and cheerful.

Join the game many times with different options. Where is the high score you have? Become the best climber and avoid all the difficult obstacles of this game. We expand the world of game players with different themes. You can hardly find many new games on online gaming websites. Unlock thousands of levels with different challenges through our many games. You will conquer different mountains. The appearance of obstacles cannot hinder your journey.

What new game do you have today? Save your favorite game list and complete your selection. Any player wants to explore the new world of This game has novel content compared to other games with the same theme. The stairs will disappear. Therefore, you need to move quickly to a new location to avoid losing. Move through the stairs and avoid the sharp traps. If you jump in it, the game is over. Together decide the distance to travel and complete all-new missions. Boxes of explosives appeared everywhere. Stay away from them and decide to win this game with the highest score.

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Who created Mountain Hop?

Mountain Hop is created by MarketJS. Play their other game on Food Empire Inc

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use left and right arrow keys to move through positions.