Deliver It Master

Deliver It Master gives you a chance to become a professional delivery man. It sounds boring and easy, doesn’t it? It isn’t simple as it looks because, in this ABCya3 game, your mission is not to deliver goods like pizza or food. Instead, you deliver passengers on your scooter. Yes, you are a motorbike taxi driver. However, you will pick up only one passenger like in real life. You can deliver several passengers at once. Your passengers will stack up. It looks dangerous but don't worry, they won’t fall down.

You have to arrive at each pick-up place where a passenger is waiting for you, then you go to the next stop to pick up all passengers and drop them at their destination. The challenge here is to cross the crossroads. So many vehicles are moving on the road. You have to stop and wait until all vehicles go away, then speed up to cross crossroads safely. Do not come close to the crossroad, then stop. You should stop a little bit far from the intersection because your scooter still moves a bit by inertia when you brake.

Here at, a mission is clear when you pick up all passengers, cross all intersections safely and drop all passengers at their destination. Of course, like other level-based games, the challenge level of this one also increases from level 1 to the final level. However, it doesn’t mean that the final level is the hardest one. You can feel it in your own way.

Are you ready to become a master of delivering passengers? Start a new busy day and be hard-working to be the best motorbike taxi driver in the town. Enjoy your free time here and in other fun games such as Bridge Water Rush. Stay tuned for upcoming games added every day.

Who developer game?

Deliver It Master was developed by Play their other game on Let Us Pop

Instruction to play:


Tap to play.