Guns and Magic

Guns and Magic become the exciting new shooting game that ABCya3 shooting game updates for players. What magic appears in this game? Creatures are trying to attack your farm. Protect your farm from uninvited guests. Use all available resources to fight and call for help when needed. You can also change the tactics of fighting monsters in this game. Vivid game graphics attract any player involved in the new battle. Become a good player through the online game journeys that we introduce to players. New gameplay tips and ways to help you complete every mission today.

What are you waiting for without joining our wonderful game world? Countless players have perfected this war and defended the farm from the war. Try to survive with the precision shooting skills you have. We make it possible for players to join the new online game list without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. The number of enemies is increasing. Therefore, you need to lock the target from a far position and destroy them as soon as possible. If you lose, try again in the next round. Show off your shooting experience through the turns we introduce to players around the world. Which game do you have at Save your favorite game list now.

Multiplayer expands the new online game world and chooses the right way to fight to hit the monsters. Destroy them and survive to the end of the journey. Collect rewards to upgrade your weapons through our online gaming world. Many players love this battle and try to win the online player rankings. Join our many new fighting games like Fish & Trip Online.

Who developer game?

Guns and Magic was developed by justaliendev. This is their first game on!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: WASD = move, Mouse - look around, E = build / upgrade / interact, Left mouse button = shoot, Left teleport = run