Drunken Spin Punch

Play Drunken Spin Punch, an entertaining game on Abcya 3 for kids. The next Drunken Stickmans challenge, spinning punches, has begun! Swing your fists and attempt to stay balanced, but don't forget to keep your energy under control! There are 1P and 2P modes in the Drunken Spin Punch game. The game is playable on both PC and mobile platforms. The match is won by the first player to obtain a score of 5 in the game!

It will take some time to recuperate if you run out of energy. You will undoubtedly be susceptible in this circumstance. So, when deciding on a combat plan, don't forget to factor in your energy! 

Not only this game, but you guys can also play together in many games such as Stickdoll : God Of Archery and Real Shooting Fps Strike. They are also amazing. New adventures are always here waiting for you with something enjoyable and exciting. Check this out!

Instruction to play:



You can use the left and right sides on touch screens.