Dominus 2 io is an RTS io game which is playable abcya games 2 player. Looks like a turn base game, but built as a real time. In this .io game, your goal is domination during 5 minutes. Let's have a look at what domination means. Every player has a home castle and ability to build up to 4 villages. 


You can't capture the castle, but you can get under you control town and destroy villages. The only purpose of villages is to earn gold. In Castles and neutral towns bring 200 gold + you can recruit new soldiers. If you stay just in front of enemies castle you'll become the lord of the player who owns this castle. That player becomes vassal and can't destroy your villages and shares his income with you!


After you've recruited new soldiers you can send them elsewhere. Click Create Army and choose number of units. With soldiers you can build a village, attack enemies castles, town and armies and also destroy villages.


Here at abcya 2018 io games, you cannot attack anyone below you in the tree. These will have a yellow or orange square or flag.You can attack the castle of people above you in the tree but you cannot attack their armies or villages. These will have a blue or purple square or flag.


If you do not have a lord then you are a king. If you have a lord and you attack their castle and win then their lord will become your lord. If you attack your king's castle and win then they become your vassal and you become the king.


Find out in now! You are ready for the difficult challenges of this game and other similar games like

Instruction to play:


Right click to deselect unit

Space to go to the castle