Clash Of Dots

Clash Of Dots is known as one of the interesting strategy games at Your goal is to attack and match all red areas. You need to choose the right time to attack your red areas or defend your green areas. Don't forget to use these two especially useful skills below when you're in trouble. The number of red points will gradually increase. Therefore, you need to combine the power of the blue points and try to capture many bases until the final victory.

This difficult game is for players to join and perfect in their spare time. With the three-color version of green, red, and blue, you need to come up with the best way to play. Eliminate one opponent to fight the other. Create links between bases to conquer new lands. The dots will get bigger or smaller depending on how many points you give them.

Play the game over and over and win difficult levels until you perfect new ways to play in this ABCya3 online game world. Use game tips and learn different online game requirements to share with new players. What challenges can you overcome in this game? Complete online game skills until you unlock all missions. Try to complete the game in your spare time.

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Who developer game?

Clash Of Dots was developed by Play their other game on Nonogram Picture Cross Puzzle

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Left-click over the positions you want to attack.