Smash City

If you're looking to control a monster and wreak havoc in a city, Smashy City is your game.  Smash City is a great choice for fans of action games that you can play here on www.abcya games. Your task is simple: destroy everything that is on your way! Destroy buildings, cars, helicopters and everything that crosses your way in this cool block styled destruction game, Smash City.


There are plenty of monsters to choose from, and some of them have a unique status. Choose your favorite one and bring chaos to the city before the cops hunt you down. By doing so, you will fill a rampage gauge. When it's full, you can use it to move faster and instantly destroy a building. The more havoc you wreak, the higher your score. You can earn coins that can be used to hatch new monsters. You only have a limited number of lives, therefore at abcya 3 player games, try to cause as much damage as possible before you run out!


Is it attractive enough for you? If you want to explore more, you can play with this list of games like Beggars Mary Wives at Why don’t you try to play and give some comments?

Instruction to play:


  • Use Arrows left / right to Move
  • Use Space Rampage