Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit

Have fun with this exclusive new game Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit an entertaining game in ABCya 3th games online. This time in the adventures of Hacker and Newbie, the woodland is underwater! Be cautious; you must quickly locate a diving outfit before venturing underwater. You should not drown if you cannot swim. So, in order to survive, you must immediately obtain and don a diving suit from a hacker. As a newbie, you must be cautious since there are creatures around. Don't forget about the fireball-throwing creature; his fire is lethal.

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Who created Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit?

This is created by FBK. Play their other game on 

Instruction to play:


"WASD" to move & "Arrow Keys" to move Mobile Touch Control Double jump is active in the game.