Sploop.io is the best building, ramping and PVP game that is played by many people. PVP in the game is thrilling, suspenseful and requires many skills to help you win.

Hope you can create a team and play with your friends to destroy the enemies and kill many animals in the game. To gain experience you must gather resources and build an invincible fortress. The more experience you gain, the more new and powerful weapons you unlock, as well as special buildings to make battles more exciting. To get resources, you can place windmills to get them or you can also defeat ferocious bosses that will save treasure.

Play over and over and try to find your favorite fortress-building strategy that works best for you. Can you use traps, turrets, spikes, or would you prefer to place the civilian constructions more used to optimize your harvest? In Sploop.io there are many possible strategies. Build a team for greater synergy. Sploop.io is no exception to this rule. If you don't have many friends, it's easy to join a team. Just select the team button at the top right and ask to join a team, there will be one that accepts you.

Clan war is an integral component of this game. Will you decide to be a loyalist, or will you decide to become a traitor to defeat your worst enemy? Rank up as you play, climb the leaderboards and get badges that make you stronger. There is a leaderboard for almost everything in the game. You will be the best in at least one of the categories!

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Instruction to play:

Movement: WASD / ZQSD / Arrow keys Hit: LEFT-CLICK Auto-attack: E Food (used to heal): Q Spike: R Lock Rotation: X Grid placement (when you want to place your building): H Chatting: ENTER Change item: CLICK ON THE INVENTORY