Brain Workout

Have fun with this exclusive new game Brain Workout a math game in ABCya grade 3. Test your math abilities! Solve arithmetic problems and strive to rank among the top players! Choose your favorite operation: addition, multiplication, subtraction, or division.

If you get stuck, you can play with your friends or family members to complete the mission easier. Train your brain and have more fun with these following games: Math Games For Adults.


A game in which you must complete arithmetic questions for a period of time. The more you progress, the tougher the tasks become and the faster time passes!

Who created Brain Workout?

Brain Workout is created by Illusions Games. This is their first game on!

Instruction to play:

Solve mathematical examples by selecting the correct solution from one of the four blocks at the bottom. Keep in mind that time is running out, and you need to deliver the correct response.