Krunt .io

Krunt .io is a cool multiplayer online IO shooting game at abcya 2019. Join the game you will have to build strong bases, farm materials, destroy your enemies and avoid storms. Just shoot down your opponents before they get to harm you first, and act fast or the limits of the map will take you out. Enter houses, open chests full of items and, most important, survive to win the match. 

Make sure to use Potions and Mini-potions to complete your shield if you have them. Farming materials are essential that you should care about if you want to win. To defend yourself from other players, you have to build walls and in order to build walls, you need a lot of materials.

We constantly update the latest games for players to join when having free time like and BotBattles .io at Different cars are discovered by you and under your control. Don't forget how to explore this new space with your own skills yours.


Instruction to play:

WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, Space = jump, E = pick item