Bubble Shooter Level Pack

Have fun with this exclusive new game Bubble Shooter Level Pack a arcade game in ABCya 3th online games. It's a traditional bubble shooter game in which you eradicate bubbles by firing like bubbles at them. Your aim is to remove all of the bubbles that appear on the screen. You can fire one of three bubbles. To fire a bubble, simply tap on any of the bubbles on the left side of the arrow. To win, you must complete all 48 levels. If you shoot a bubble and it does not produce a match of three like bubbles, you will lose 200 points.

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You can organize a contest with your friends and share this game for them. Relax with other bubble games such as Bubble Marble.


48 Difficult Levels Addicting Gameplay Time Bonus and Highscores Attractive Graphics.

Who created Bubble Shooter Level Pack?

Bubble Shooter Level Pack is created by Lof Games. Play their other game on ABCy-3.com: 

Instruction to play:


Use mouse or touch screen device to play this game.