Bro draw it

Have fun with this exclusive music game Bro draw it an entertaining game in ABCya 3 online games. There are many levels in the game that can be challenged. Players must cross the line in accordance with the requirements of the level, by clicking the screen to draw the level task graphics. They can not interrupt until the completion of the graphics is shown. The game is simple, but it can exercise your thinking.

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Key Features:

Mastering the speed of the game through frequent level excursions is both fun and tough. The gameplay is enjoyable and simple to learn. Exercise your memory and improve your recall.

Who created Bro draw it?

Bro draw it is created by Nanjing maileyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. Play their other game on

Instruction to play:

Operation mode:

1. Slide the screen to complete the connection.

2. One line connects all squares of the card without interruption.