Crazy Day With Daddy

Crazy Day With Daddy is fun game that you can play here on Abcya 3 free game. You are in a total rush and besides the fact that you are assigned to take care of the house chores you will be doing that with a little girl that gets help from her daddy. Try to use that as a leverage and find how the housekeeping is done in order to have a cleaned and fresh home. You will be cleaning the house, do the laundry and in the end there comes the hair salon part where you spoil them.

There are a lot of things that need to be put together, but the most important one are: to get rid of the garbage, to collect it and place it in the trash can, to wash the carpet and make sure you don’t see any footprints over there, to wash the floor and then to wipe it, to erase the spider’s web and the dust, don't forget about the closet too. Also we have some things that are not exactly in their place, you have to make sure each one of them is put back. When you are done you have to take care of the dirty clothes and because the girls are helping her daddy with it, everything will be easier.

Put the laundry in the machine and get it on so you could make them smell and spotless. Once the program of the machine is done move to the part where you are hanging them to dry. Place them back in the closet, but only after you iron and fold them. Next comes the hair styling part where you will choose a type you like and try to implement it for this crazy daddy. Cut the hair, wash it and if it is necessary paint it with funky colors.

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Instruction to play:


Play the game with the mouse in the game.